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CD and CDR

CDs have been around since the 1980s. They can contain up to about 80 minutes of music. Quantities from 100 units to 1,000,000 units, with a wide range of packaging options. Despite the huge rise in download, CDs are still very much in use.

Girl making music



Just when you thought vinyl disks were long gone, they're back! If you're looking for something different, something that can actually add to the magic of your music, vinyl may be it.

Vinyl records



DVDs are used almost exclusively for movies, although they can contain very high quality music. They have been the main way of distributing movies for many years, and continue to be used in large quantities. A great way to distribute the video of your gig.




For High Definition movies or very high quality sound. When your movie or music needs that extra quality, high definition picture, or Pure Audio, you need Blu-Ray. These discs can have five times the data capacity of a DVD.

Musical instrumants


Legacy Media

Vinyl records, audio cassette, VHS, Compact VHS, Digital 8, Betamax, Mini-DV, DVCam, DVCPro, 3/4, Betacam, and lots of other legacy formats. Replication or transfer to digital.

legacy media


Your Artwork

The artwork you need to provide to us will depend on the type of disc you require, and the packaging (if any) you have selected. We can guide you through the process from concept to finished artwork. We can even produce the artwork for you.

Items for creating artwork



Mastering can be a slightly confusing process, particularly for those new to the replication/duplication process. To help you, we've provided a simple brief run down, explaining the basics and the services we can provide.

Mastering equipment


Copy Protection

We know that you've put an extensive amount of time, energy, and money in the work that you do, therefore, don't you think it deserves protection? We do. We can offer a copy protection service tailored to your requirements.

Copy protection device