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It's our responsibility

General pollution and global warming are serious issues for everyone. In particular we hear on a regular basis, with increasing urgency, the need to control and reduce CO2 emissions. It's important therefore that we convey what we're doing in order to ensure our business is sustainable, and to avoid scenes like this:

Environmental disaster pollution
and this:
Environmental disaster flooding

Our products

Any responsible organisation will endeavour to mitigate its impact on the environment. As a company, Media Hut supply large amounts of product that is used for promotional purposes. So, to reduce our impact on the environment we:
Our business

In the continuing operation of our business, we also do the following:
We believe

Reducing our impact on the environment is not optional, it's vital. The less we do now to alleviate the damage, the harder life will be for future generations. Businesses provide the wealth we all need to live comfortable lives, but our businesses need to be sustainable. We recognise that measures taken now to protect the environment also protect our children, and their children, and so our goal is to become carbon neutral. We do not own the Earth, we're simply the caretakers, our duty is it to look after it for future generations.

Protected environment

Media Hut is proud to be one of the first organisations in the UK to receive 'Go Ultra Low Company' status. Read More

Our Sales and Marketing Director Karl Dukes was asked to join the panel on sustainability at Confex. Watch Video