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A companies customer base can be varied to say the least. There are often an array of different types of client across all genders, ages, lifestyles, financial positions, social backgrounds and so on making it hard to understand who your customers actually are. Our customer profiling services help you identify these groups, allowing you to build a picture of who uses you services and target them more effectively. But this still leaves some questions unanswered. Yes, we can now target customers on the basis of their demographical information but what about their behaviour and needs? How can we understand and target these more effectively?

The answer is through RFM analysis and segmentation. We can code your customers in relation to recency, frequency and monetary value. This therefore goes beyond the question of "who are our customers?" and asks "when was the last time a client used our services?", "how frequently do they use our services?" and "how much do they usually spend?". With this information, we can then segment your customer base in numerous ways in terms of their needs, behaviours and habits. You will now know exactly who to send welcome packs to, exactly who needs reactivation TLC, and who needs rewarding for their loyal custom. Overlay this data with demographic profiling information and you have a full picture of your clientele! All of this amounts to more relevant communications for your customers thus increasing engagement, loyalty and overall value in your customer relations - result! To find out more about our customer segmentation services please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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